HDR Photography

Using bracketed exposures (normal exposure, over-exposed and under-exposed), we combine the photos into one photo to produce a more balanced and appealing photo.   We also use software to tweak the dynamic range but generally keep it more realistic than going for an “artsy” over-saturated image.

HDR Photo After Combining Multiple Exposures
Under Exposed
Normal Exposure
Over Exposed

professional Image editing

After merging the bracketed exposures together, we sort through to pick, edit and optimize the best photos.   This includes straightening the walls due to the wide angle lens distortion.   We also remove our camera from reflections in mirrors if we can’t avoid them.  

Edited Photo
Original Photo
Camera Removed
Original Photo

Blue Sky Guarantee

If the sky is overcast, we will replace the sky with a realistic blue sky with clouds for a more appealing photo.   

Blue Sky Added
Original Overcast Sky

REmoving objects

If you need objects removed (e.g. toys, wires, people in pools), the cost depends on the complexity.   Removing small objects is about $10 per photo whereas removing a car would be about $40 per photo.

Car Removed
Original Photo