Videos for Social Media

Videos are a great way to catch the attention of potential buyers on social media.  However, based on feedback we’ve received, potential buyers don’t like sitting through long or repetitive videos.   Think about it.  Unless it is a cat video, do you actually watch 4+ minute videos all the way to the end?!

Therefore, to capture and keep viewers attention, we focus on creating a short video with a pan and zoom effect of the main rooms and maybe one shot of other rooms using still photos.  We also add sub-titles to communicate key highlights since most people scrolling Facebook don’t have the sound on.  The idea is to capture attention and drive potential buyers to contact you for more.

Our social media teaser videos offer great value as they are about 1/3 of the cost of a standard walk-through style video.  

Each video includes branded and unbranded versions.  Download the branded version to use on social media.  For TREB, just copy and paste the unbranded link to the listing.  Or, if you order an iGUIDE 3D Tour, the video will be added to it and just add the iGUIDE unbranded link.

$100 for 90 second video with approx. 20 photos

Example of Branded Video

Example of Branded Video